Our Core Concepts

Green Infrastructure Design
In 2019, Congress enacted the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act, which defines green infrastructure as :
“The range of measures that use plant or soil systems, permeable pavement or other permeable surfaces or substrates, stormwater harvest and reuse, or landscaping to store, infiltrate, or evapotranspirate stormwater and reduce flows to sewer systems or to surface waters.”
Forest Health Research
The CAL FIRE Forest Health Research Program supports scientific studies that provide critical information and tools to forest landowners, resource agencies, fire management organizations and policy makers across California on a variety of topics related to forest health and management. The Forest Health Research Program is funded through the California Climate Investments program (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund) and managed by the Fire and Resource Assessment Program at CAL FIRE. Additional opportunities for research funding are available through other CAL FIRE programs.

The vision of Green Infrastructure Design (GID) is to enhance ecosystem services by converting old infrastructure into new resilient green infrastructure. With the continual rise in climate change, droughts, and mega wildfires it is important to design with nature in mind. We call these areas of opportunity Nature Ground.

Nature Ground is the little areas between our daily lives that could be improved to provide more ecosystem services to ourselves, our community, and our natural environment. Small little projects are just as important as large projects. We look at nature in an urban landscape as islands of natural habitat. Your yard may be a small project, your next-door neighbor’s yard may be a small project, but together these projects create a more ecofriendly habitat that could reduce water use, minimize pollution, and limit wildfires. Larger projects, such as a new development, a community park renovation, a waterway improvement, or improvements on a public works easement all provide opportunities to improve Nature Ground. Improving your home or business could be funded under new grants and rebates.

It’s Easy 2B Green! Green Infrastructure Design has many services to improve your home, business, and community. 

Our History

Originally Incorporated in California (March 14th, 2002) as a golf course consulting firm, our firm pioneered irrigation and course feature mapping using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Including the development and design of Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course and the GIS mapping of the reclaimed water system for the Pebble Beach Company and the Pebble Beach Community Service District (PBCSD).

Over the years, GID pivoted from golf courses turf mapping and irrigation mapping to local and statewide water system mapping for such water purveyors as American Water and Global Water. Application development and field asset mapping by our team helped design the award-winning water conservation program at the Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD).

Our firm developed the Carmel Area Wastewater District (CAWD) GIS for maintenance and capacity projects, including the GPS Mapping of the golf course water reclamation system at Pebble Beach. Other local projects include the initial wastewater conveyance line mapping for the innovative Monterey One Water (M1W) reclaim water project and the 20,000 acres as-built for the Santa Lucia Preserve Community Service District (SLPCSD).

Our firm developed the Natural Resource Management GIS for the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (MPRPD); a land use planning and conservation tool for preserving open space. The Visitor Education Guide (VEG) and the MPRPD Explore! linked in the MPRPD Let’s Go Outdoors (LGO) mobile app named “LGO on the GO!” The MPRPD Exlplore! allows historical information to be added to the MPRPD GIS for storytelling and educational narrative in the Visitors Center and throughout the parks.

Prior to the devastating fires of 2020 in California, our team built and developed many pre-fire plans using Web GIS including the Big Sur Fire (BSF) and Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD) GIS Hubs. The HUBs are used for Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) inspection, pre-fire planning, and asset management. Other fire related projects includes the Fire Fuels Mapping Project (FFMP) for the California State Parks and the Monterey County Resource Conservation District (MCRCD) in 2019. The RCD FFMP is a historical library of information that is used in conjunction with strategic fire and fuels planning projects across the County of Monterey.

Our team design and produced the online and mobile Real Estate Guide, Hiking Trail Map, and the 911Emergency Map for the Santa Lucia Preserve. Along with the Big Sur Fire Pre-Attack Maps, the Pebble Beach and Carmel Highlands Pre-Attack Maps, and the Garland Ranch Regional Park and the Palo Corona Regional Park Mobile Maps. Not only does our firm design maps, but we also create mobile applications for recreational hiking and crisis field directives with QR codes and easy to use mobile maps during an event or a simple nature hike.


Today, our firm provides Web GIS Mapping and Training, High-Resolution Drone Flights, Mobile Application Development, Natural Resource Management (NRM) & Green Infrastructure Design Training from the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP).

GIS Project Development Since 2002

Water System Mapping

We have mapped well over 60,000 water assets using high-resolution GPS to update and covert GIS systems.  Using a GPS Field Audit, Our Green Team will improve the accuracy of your systems.

Wastewater Mapping

GPS mapping is only one way to improve your GIS. Attributes of your data are more important than the location. Updating information with as-builts and notes allows your GIS to be displayed with insight.

Green Infrastructure Mapping

Our Green Team will locate areas using GIS and GPS that could greatly be improved with Green Design. With Web Maps and Field Apps your team is more informed of where to start being green. 

strategic Planning

Our Strategy

Conduct a GPS Field Audit

Using your current GIS our team updates the attributes and locations using high-resolution GPS.

Green Infrastructure Design

Using the updated GIS and field notes our team highlights projects in your service area that would benefit from Green Infrastructure.

Maintanace Follow Up

Once installed, GI projects are added to a work order Web GIS that helps keep track and maintenance your GI Projects.

Geographic Information Systems

GIS Powered by TiGEO ®

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Our Collection numbers

A GPS Field Audit helps to improve your GIS and helps define GI Projects.

Water Assets
Wastewater Assets

Working with us

It's Easy 2B Green!

Our unique team of professionals desires to build and enhance Nature Ground. 

The little areas between our daily lives that could be updated to provide more ecosystem services. Using stormwater and landscape design the Green Team provides ways to be green. Our Team offers training seminars on design and build solutions that make green projects possible.


Don’t wait any longer… Update those grey and brown areas around the house or your place of business and get a fresh new look today! Use the app to map areas in your city that could improve from Green Infrastructure Projects.

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Our Green team

Meet our talented, skilled and friendly team! Together we do one major and important job – empower your staff on GI and GIS.


Alexis Schweisinger

Owner & Green Team Leader

Alexis is the main contact for the Green Team and client relationships. She engages with others on how to be green with Green Infrastructure and Habitat Restoration.


Samantha Magana

Director of Special Projects

Samantha serves as a liaison between the firms technical language and making clients understand the complex workings of GIS and Green Infrastructure.


John Schweisinger

Web GIS Advisor

For the past 20 years, John has been a Project Manager for GPS Field Audits, Geometric Network Design, Needs Assessments (NA), Cartography and GIS Strategic Plans.

Our clients

Irvine Ranch Water District (PRNewsFoto/Advanced Microgrid Solutions)
Green Infrastructure Design